Volcano Vaporizer Digital Dry Herb Vaporizer

The Volcano Vaporizer is probably the most popular, and well known desktop vaporizers available. This sleek vaporizer has graced the tables of many coffeeshops in Amsterdam, and medical marijuana dispensaries in the USA. The Volcano Vaporizer has a wide temperature range of 104-446°F, which is easily adjustable via the +/- buttons on the front of the unit.

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Ease of Use
Battery Life

The herb chamber unscrews and then can be filled with herbs. Hot air is forced through the herb chamber to fill the vapor balloon. Two simple controls on the bottom of the Volcano Vaporizer control the power and the air – so you can easily turn it off once the balloon has filled with vapor. Definitely a larger model vaporizer, the  Volcano Vaporizer is ideal for home, office or commercial use. It has a brushed metal finish and large clear LED display.



Volcano Digital – What’s in the box:

1 Volcano

5 balloons with “Easy Valve” mouthpieces OR “Solid Valve” mouthpiece and balloon tube (3 meters)

1 “Easy Valve” filling chamber for herbs OR 1 “Solid Valve” filling chamber for herbs

1 Set of Screens

1 Pad for Vaporizing Liquids

1 Cleaning Brush

1 Grinder



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